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Summer Research in Russian and the Ukraine

As with all non-Pitt study abroad programs, check with the Study Abroad office about whether Pitt has a relationship with this institutiona and about transferring credits:

The "Petersburg Judaica" Center of the European University at St.Petersburg,
Russia offers a summer program in the history and anthropology of East
European Jewry. The program is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate
students with a serious interest in Jewish or Slavic studies and a working
knowledge of Russian, who wish to acquire skills of fieldwork and collect
materials relevant to their research topics. The language of instruction
will be Russian.

The program will consist of two parts:
1) three-week preparation for field research at the European University at
St.Petersburg, and
2) two-week field work in one or two former shtetls in Ukraine, as a part of
a larger research group.
The preliminary date of arrival in St. Petersburg is June 20; the
preliminary date of departure to Ukraine is mid-July, 2008. The first part
includes an introductory lecture course with the following components:

Introduction into research of oral history and culture of the former Pale of
Jewish Settlement;
Major directions and topics of research at "Petersburg Judaica" Center;
Methodology of field research;
Russian language skills for field research in the region studied;

Students will also be offered guided tours around St. Petersburg, including
"Jewish Petersburg."

Altogether, there will be 52 hours of class work in St. Petersburg and 72
hours of field work in Ukraine, 14 hours each of the three weeks on average.

At the end of the theoretical part of the course students are expected to
submit an essay which should include a rationale and a questionnaire for
their research topic.

More information can be found at the St. Petersburg Judaica website
All participants will be accommodated in a home-style hotel, with two people
in a room (approximately $ 40 per day). During the expedition the group will
stay at a local hotel; kosher food will be available.

Successful participants of the program will earn 4 credits from the European
University at St. Petersburg. For additional enquiries please contact Dr.
Anna Kushkova at:

Dr. Anna Kushkova:
Petersburg Judaica Center
European University at St Petersburg
3 Gagarinskaya St.,
St. Petersburg 191187 Russia
Visit the website at

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