Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sign-up sheets for advising appointments are now posted outside my office door (2603 CL).

Please sign-up for an appointment time.

Before your appointment: make sure to review the following information:

1) your own progress in the major using the checklists at the dept. web site;
2) your own progress in the general education requirements;
3) your own progress in other majors, minors, certificates--I will not be advising you on this, but you should have some sense of how many courses you need to take in these areas;
4) course offerings for the fall using both the A&S Course Descriptions site and Peoplesoft.

You will expedite the process if you have 5 digit (not 4 digit) unique course numbers (CRN) for each class, recitation, and lab that interests you.
Make sure to take note of any required recitations or labs while doing your searching.

--check the enrollment availibility of each cross-listed section
--for purposes of the major or gen ed requirements, it does not matter which section of a course you take: Medieval Jewish Civilization is the same course and counts for the same requirements no matter which course number (RELGST, HIST, or JS) appears on your transcript.

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