Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Advising and Registration Technology Guide

A nice PDF version of this is posted outside my office (2603 CL).


 Log in to Click on “Student Services.” Click on “Link to Student Center.” Click on “Self Service.” Under that click on “Student Center.” To the right underneath where it says Academic History, click on “Degree Progress.” Choose the Academic Institution (University of Pittsburgh) and Report Type (Academic Advisement Transcript ). Click “GO.”

Log in to Click on “Student Services.” Click on “Link to Student Center.” Click on “Self Service” along the left hand side. Click on “Enrollment” and then “My Class Schedule.” Select the term (2081 Fall, 2084 Spring, 2087 Summer).
There is an option for a “List View” and “Weekly Calendar View.”

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS (Arts and Sciences website)
Go to This is the Course Descriptions web page. You can search by Subject, General Education Requirement, Instructor or Title.
Note updates in upper right hand corner: new courses, changes in majors, minors, etc.
A. To find a specific course description:  Select the SUBJECT (department) and then click the TERM.
Hint: In order to scroll through this listing, click LIST ALL in upper right hand corner. Find a course and click the CLASS # [in blue].
Here you can access course information, including: description, requirements fulfilled, prerequisites, time, location, if a recitation is required, class and catalog numbers.
B. To find descriptions for ALL courses offered by a
department: Select the SUBJECT (department) and then click on the TERM (as above). At the top of the next screen click on the desired TERM to VIEW ALL DESCRIPTIONS. This will bring you to all the listings in that department, including: description, requirements fulfilled, time, location, if recitation is required, class and catalog/course numbers.
side under Announcements): Choose the REQUIREMENT (e.g. Literature) from the drop-down menu and click on the desired TERM. As above, you can either scroll through the list of specific Literature courses by title or view descriptions for all courses that satisfy the Literature requirement.
3. INSTRUCTOR or COURSE TITLE: Type in name of the instructor or title and click TERM

Log in to Click on “Student Services” along the top menu bar Click on “Link to Student Center” in the middle of the page Click on “Self Service” along the left hand side Click on “Class Search/Browse Catalog” underneath “Self Service” on the left hand side –OR- along the right hand side in the upper right hand corner Type in the term number (2087 for Summer 2008, 2091 for Fall 2008, and 2094 for Spring 2009) Make sure that the “Search for Classes” (NOT BROWSE CATALOG) circle is filled in, then click “GO”. In the “COURSE SUBJECT” field, type in the Departmental Subject Abbreviation (located on the back of this sheet) and then TAB down to the “COURSE NUMBER” field. Enter the 4 digit number, if known. To search all courses for that term in the chosen department, leave this portion blank. The system defaults to “SHOW OPEN CLASSES ONLY.” You can unclick this circle if you want to view all classes whether open or closed. Select the “CAMPUS” (the required field at the bottom of the search page) then click on “Search.” LEC stands for Lecture, REC stands for Recitation. Where applicable, you must select a REC that goes with the specific lecture section. Only 3 sections (including recitations) of a particular course come up at first, so be sure to click “View All” to see other sections. Always check Class Detail information. Click on the blue underlined information next to Section. This detail information notes if Department Consent is required for the class. Other information such as number of credits, special designations (e.g. Honors Course and Writing Requirement) and a course description is also available. (This course description does not note prerequisite courses, so always check the Arts and Sciences Course Description web page.)

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