Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Business

Important notes for the summer:

1) Wednesday July 8 is the deadline for continuing students to register for the fall term without a penalty. But see below--don't wait that long or I will not be able to help you with registration.

2) Friday July 10 is the deadline to apply for December 2009 graduation in 140 Thackeray Hall. But

3) You can register for classes in a summer session up to the day the summer session starts.

4) I will be available for emergency advising (i.e. you need to register for the summer or fall) on an ad hoc basis in May and June. E-mail first. The department will not have an advisor in July or August (until the beginning of the fall term) and you will have to make arrangements with the A&S Advising Center if you need an advisor's signature on something.

5) I will be going on leave for the fall term and will relinquish my duties as Director of Undergraduate Studies. Watch this space for an announcement of the new DUS in a few weeks.

6) The department office is closed most of the time during this quiet period and pending the arrival of a new department administrator. We will post an announcement here once the office is back to regular hours. In the meantime, if you need to pick up a paper or leave something for a faculty member, you should make arrangements in advance with the faculty member or TA so as not to arrive on the 26th floor of the Cathedral to find the office locked up.

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