Monday, June 04, 2007

Global Studies Scholarships

If you are pursuing a Global Studies certificate, think about this:

Fall 2007 Competition Global Studies Tuition Remission Fellowships
Global Studies has a limited amount of funds available for Tuition Remission Fellowships (TRFs). TRFs may pay a partial or full term's tuition. The closing date for applications for TRFs for Fall Term 2007 is Wednesday August 29 2007. Winners will be announced in early September and will be expected to begin their Fellowship immediately.

For more information, please see

Fall 2007 calendar

Here is the complete A&S calendar for the fall term--note the important dates for you in your own calendar now.

Fall Term 2007 (code 2081)
Note: All dates are subject to change.
22 Wednesday All University offices and buildings reopen, including residence halls
27 Monday Fall term registration period ends for all students; Fall term classes begin

3 Monday Labor Day (University closed)
7 Friday Fall term add/drop period ends
20 Thursday Deadline for students to submit Grade Option forms to the dean’s office

25 Thursday Spring term (2084) registration and add/drop begin; first two days are reserved for seniors
26 Friday Fall term deadline for students to submit Monitored Withdrawal forms to dean’s

16 Friday Deadline to apply for April 2008 graduation
21 - 25 Wednesday -Sunday Thanksgiving Recess for students (no classes)
22 - 23 Thursday -Friday Thanksgiving Recess for faculty and staff (University closed)

7 Friday Fall term: Last day for undergraduate day classes; Spring term (2084) deadline for continuing students to register without a penalty fee
8 Saturday Reading Day
8 - 15 Saturday -Saturday
College of General Studies classes, all graduate classes, and evening classes will
continue to meet during this period; final examinations should be held during the last
scheduled class meeting
Final examination period for all undergraduate day classes
10 - 15 Monday - Saturday
Final examination period for undergraduate day classes
15 Saturday Fall term ends. Official date for degrees awarded in fall term.
16 Sunday Residence halls close
16 - Jan. 6 Sunday -Sunday Winter Recess for students (no classes)
19 Wednesday Fall term grades must be “approved” by instructors
20 Thursday Fall term grades available online
24 - Jan. 1 Monday - Thursday Winter Recess for faculty and staff

Discover Medicine Workshop this fall

Discover Medicine

A workshop for students interested in a career in medicine.

Thinking about becoming a doctor?

Take advantage of this 5—session workshop to explore the world of medicine.

During this workshop, you will:

· Meet a panel of current pre-med and medical students…

· Tour labs in the Biomedical Science Tower

· **Observe surgery…

· And more!

Registration is required and space is limited!!!


Send an e-mail to to reserve your seat today!!!

Fall 2007 series meets 3:00 to 5:00 every Tuesday afternoon

October 2nd through October 30th.

**I am currently working on arranging surgical observations at West Penn Hospital

Presented by:

Raymond Mizgorski, Health Professions Consultant

Sponsored by Career Services, Division of Student Affairs

Reminder: December graduation deadline

The deadline to apply for December graduation is July 6.

Remember you do not automatically graduate when you reach 120 credits. You must apply to graduate. (The form is available at the Dean's office in Thackeray Hall; the Religious Studies office does not have copies of this.)

And you must apply to graduate the semester BEFORE you plan to graduate.

Thus, the deadline for April 2008 graduation will be in the fall.

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