Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Peaceful and Orderly Transition in the Cathedral of Learning

Dear Religious Studies students,

As of today, I am relinquishing my duties as Director of Undergraduate Studies and closing up the Religious Studies advising office for the summer.

Professor Clark Chilson will take over as DUS and undergraduate advsisor for the department starting with the beginning of the fall term. He will post his office hours and contact information for the beginnning of the term on the blog soon.

In the meantime, if you have a question about advising--that cannot wait until the end of the summer--please e-mail Professor Chilson ( or Professor Orbach (

I will be on leave in the fall term and back teaching in the spring.

I have enjoyed my time as DUS and I leave you in the capable hands of Prof. Chilson.


Adam Shear

PS Two last notes about Peoplesoft which is not always up-to-date:

1) Prof. Chilson is the instructor for Religious Studies 1903 this coming fall term (2101) and not me.

2) A couple of you have asked me questions about the spring term schedule (2104). Although a "draft" version is now on Peoplesoft, this is simply the spring 2009 schedule carried over by the computer awaiting updates/corrections/deletions from the departments. Departments will submit schedule changes to Peoplesoft this month and next. You should not consider the schedule on Peoplesoft official until you get notification that the schedule has been published.

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