Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Department Lecture March 5: Buddhism in Modern China

The Department of Religious Studies
University of Pittsburgh


New Trends in Buddhism in Modern China

WEI Dedong

Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Renmin University of China
Visiting Scholar
Baylor University

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
2628 Cathedral of Learning

–Refreshments served–

WEI Dedong specializes in the sociology of religion and the scientific study of religion. Among his publications in English are "The Cultural Experience of Chinese Buddhism Today" (2008), "The Social Science of Religion: Connotation and Value"
(2007), "Buddhist Ecological Ideas and Practices" (2005), and "The Bailin Buddhist Temple: Thriving under Communism" (coauthored, 2005).

Cosponsored by the Asian Studies Center and China Council of the University Center for International Studies, Program in Cultural Studies, and Departments of Anthropology, History and Sociology.

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