Monday, February 25, 2008

From the Dean re Algebra:

The Arts and Sciences Faculty approved a curriculum document in 2002 that includes the following policy that apply to all undergraduate students admitted to the School of Arts and Sciences:

“The Mathematical Proficiency of all incoming students will be assessed. Students who need additional mathematical preparation will be required by the end of the first two semesters of full time enrollment to take and pass, with a grade of C- or , a course in algebra.

Students will be exempt from the mathematics proficiency test if they have achieved a satisfactory grade on the Advanced Placement Examination in calculus in high school, have earned a C- or better in CAS calculus through College in High School, have completed a CAS approved equivalent of Algebra or another approved mathematics course, or have scored 600 or better on the Math SAT”

This policy is indeed different from the policy in vigor until 2002 that specifically mentioned “Successful completion of the Algebra Placement Test”. This possibility is not contemplated in the newer 2002 Curriculum Document.

Note that the Algebra skill requirement is waived for students for the various reasons detailed, and that these reasons do not include a predetermined level of performance in the Algebra placement test. On the other hand, students who take the placement exam are not exempted from the Mathematical Proficiency (Algebra) requirement, regardless of the score they get in the placement exam. They must take the course suggested by the placement exam.

Adam's interpretation of this:
If you have not placed out of the algebra skill requirement by the ways listed above, you should have taken the placement exam and then you must take and pass the course suggested by the exam in order to fulfill the algebra requirement.
If you score high on the test, you will be placed in a higher level course but you will not be exempted from this requirement.

Everyone--regardless of whether you have to take a math course to fulfill the algebra requirment--must take a "quantitative reasoning" course from the approved list as one of the general education requirements.

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