Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Due to a family leave, Adam Shear is not available for registration or other advising until Monday April 2.

If you have already had a pre-registration meeting with Prof. Shear, contact Professor Alex Orbach to sign your registration form. If you have a registration emergency you should also contact Prof. Orbach. His e-mail is orbach@pitt.edu. Prof. Orbach will be available this week (March 20-23) by appointment and will be available next week on Tuesday (March 27), 1:00--3:30 pm; Wednesday (March 28), 2:30- 4:00; and Thursday (March 29), 2:00-4:00 pm.

Prof. Shear will be back on Monday April 2 and will hold office hours that day, 1-3 pm. Regular drop-in office hours for Prof. Shear on Wednesday March 21, Wednesday March 28, and Wednesday April 4 are cancelled. Prof. Shear will also hold office hours on Thursday April 5 from 1-3 pm.

SUMMARY--where to go for advising:

March 20-23 Orbach (by appointment only)

March 27 Orbach, 1-3:30 (drop-in)

March 28 Orbach, 2:30-4 (drop-in)

March 29, Orbach, 2-4 (drop-in)

April 2, Shear, 1-3 pm (drop-in)

April 3-4 Shear and Orbach will both be out of the office.

April 5, Shear, 1-3 pm (drop-in)

Return to normal schedule: Shear, by appointment, and on Wednesdays, 1-3 (drop-in)


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