Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More about Winter

Professor Denova writes the following to me, which you should all pay attention to, especially if you are new(ish) to Pitt:

If it snows, the University is ALWAYS open, unless there is a major blizzard
(rare). School and college closings are on all the local news channels and
the radio. If driving conditions look bad, nevertheless, the buses always
run; if it is so bad that the buses can't make it, that also will be on the
local news. Pitt is a residence campus and that is why it rarely closes.
However, there are many commuters as well. If you live in an area where
this can be a problem, you should be in contact with the Professor.

There are times when the Professor won't be able to make it in, and it is
the Professor's responsibility to contact the students for a particular
class cancellation. With the internet, this is now much easier than calling
everyone, so keep your email uncluttered and check it often during the
winter months.

There is a higher rate of cancellation during the winter for the evening
courses--as the sun sets, things begin to freeze. Again, keep in touch with
your Professor through the internet.

Rebecca Denova

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