Thursday, November 16, 2006

Interested in teaching?

From Mary Beth Favorite in the Advising Center:

IL 1701 is a very good course for students considering secondary (7-12) education. A number of my students have taken the course and have found that it helped them get a better sense of what is involved in being a teacher and whether or not that is
something they want to pursue. The course is a good opportunity to get a
taste of the classroom without the responsibility of student teaching;
it is also an opportunity to make good contacts.

Other courses which provide good experience for students interested in
education are: IL 1700 (for elementary education) and IL 1710 (Literacy
in Context).

Students taking any of these classes must have clearance to prove that
they do not have a criminal history. Background check forms (Criminal
Record Check and Child Abuse) forms are available at the websites below.
The criminal record check can be filled out online.

It takes about 6 weeks for the forms to be processed, so students should
submit them as soon as possible. The clearances are good for 1 year.

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