Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Friday Honors College lecture on Northern Ireland

"The Other Northern Ireland Peace Process":
Loyalist Political Thought from Long Kesh to Good Friday

Tony Novosel, Ph.D.
Department of History

Friday, November 17, 2006
3500 Cathedral of Learning
2 P.M.

Professor Tony Novosel is an historian with specializations ranging among
the history of Russia and the Soviet Union, modern European history, the
origins of mass violence in the 20th century, and the conflicts in Northern
Ireland, which is his subject today. Novosel's present research involves
interviewing current and former members of the Ulster Volunteer Force to
better understand the evolution of their political perspectives and how
they shifted from military to political conflict. Indeed, he just returned
from Belfast. In this lecture Novosel will share what he is learning about
the Loyalist Paramilitaries there. Do not miss these first hand insights
into processes of conflict resolution in that troubled region and the
techniques of historical analysis that help shed light on them.

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