Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome Back: Reminders for the Beginning of Term

Welcome back. Hope everyone had a nice break. And just think: while almost all your high school friends are enjoying another week off before their colleges resume, you will have a head start on all those summer jobs come the first week of May. (Just keep telling yourself that, ok?).

My office hours this semester will be Wednesdays, 1-2:30 pm and of course, by appointment. I will be around a lot this week to deal with start-of-term issues but it's best to make an appointment (e-mail me).

Add-drop ends on Friday the 16th.

If you are thinking of adding a class, go to the 1st or 2nd session of the class THIS WEEK. Even if the class is currently full, go to the class, get the syllabus, introduce yourself to the professor after class. It is difficult to catch up with a course if you miss the first week and very difficult if you miss the first two weeks.
Do not add a class at the end of add-drop week that you have not been to. This is elementary common-sense, but every semester a few students appear in a class the third week of the semester after adding the class on the Friday of add-drop week and it turns out to be a bad match for student and professor.
Again, if you are thinking of taking a class, go to that class at the beginning of the semester.

Reminder about add-drop: you do not need my signature for add-drop--you can go straight to the registrar's office. However, if you are making a change that will have implications for your major, let me know.

Finally, I will be out of town on Thursday-Friday January 15-16 and will most likely not have access to e-mail. So please see me for advising that needs to be done before the end of add-drop by Tuesday January 13.

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