Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wednesday January 21: Lecutre: Magid Shihade: "Theories of Violence Revisited"

Lecture--Theories of Violence Revisited
4:00 p.m, Wed Feb 21, 2009
4130 Wesley W. Posvar Hall

Dr. Magid Shihade, Visiting Professor in Contemporary International Issues, will discuss mainstream common and dominant explanations of sectarian/ethnic conflicts and violence as they are often discussed in the academy, media, and the public. Through brief discussion of cases from the Middle East and beyond, the talk will assess the merits of such theories, and suggest an alternative perspective that links modernity, colonialism, the state, and global structures/globalization to better understand such conflicts and violence in the Middle East and elsewhere. Reception to follow.
Audience: Open to the public
Cost: Free
Sponsored by: Central Administration, Global Studies Program
For more information, contact Veronica Dristas - 412-624-2918 dristas@pitt.edu

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