Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Two Special Courses this semester

These courses are taught by a visiting professor in UCIS and will not necessarily be repeated:

RELGST 1800 Special Topics: Islam, Cinema, and Culture (34062)
ANTH 1737, 34063)
Thursday 10 AM - 12:55 PM
01501 WWPH
The aim of this course is to explore the relationship between religion and cinema. In conjunction with ethnographic, historical, and other cultural writings, we analyze the ways in which Iranian cinema and Islam intersect. This is an interdisciplinary course that cuts across anthropology, cinema studies, religious studies, and Middle Eastern studies. In order to have a deeper cultural and religious understanding we focus on Iranian cinema as the main venue of exploration.

RELGST 1800 Special Topics: Islam, Science and Society (34060)
ANTH 1737 HPS 1800
Tuesday and Thursday 04:00PM-05:15 PM
03301 WWPH
This course will explore the relationship between Islam, science and technology. By bringing together scholarly work in science studies, religious studies, and ethnographic cases from the Islamic world. This course will examine the ways in which Islam has interacted with the worlds of techno scientific discursive practices. The aim of this course is to build a critical understanding of the contemporary usage of Islamic views on socio-political aspects of knowledge production in the modern context by focusing on the case of science and technology.

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