Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lectures on Exegesis and Doctrine in Early Christianity at Duquesne

An invitation from Duquesne University’s Department of Theology

SYMBOLON: Exegesis and Doctrine in Early Christianity

Wednesday, February 27, 11:45 am, Fisher Hall 324

Dr. Edith Humphrey (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
"Entering the Text: Exegesis, Theology, and A Hermeneutics of the Imagination"

Wednesday, April 9, 11:45 am, Fisher Hall 324

Rev. Dr. John S. Custer (Byzantine Catholic Seminary)
"Recovering Catholic Exegesis: The Byzantine Perspective"

SYMBOLON is an informal study group dedicated to the study of exegesis and doctrine in early Christian literature. We are interested in becoming more familiar with some of the major texts of early Christianity, while keeping our focus on the intimate relation between biblical exegesis, doctrinal developments, and liturgy. The name SYMBOLON seems appropriate, since it is not only a key term for patristic exegesis of Scripture, but also a common designation of creedal texts and Ps-Dionysius’ term for sacraments.

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