Friday, January 25, 2008

Peace and Ecology Program in Israel

Living Routes
is offering a 16 credit semester program beginning in fall of 2008,
focusing on Peace, Justice, and the Environment
( It
will be based at Lotan, a green kibbutz located in
Israel's southern desert, and Naveh Shalom Wahat al Salam, a
bi-national Jewish and Arab Israeli community. Our Israel
program is unique in several ways. Students will have the opportunity

Explore the connections
between new forms of ecological identity and stewardship, social
justice and community;
Engage in Peace Dialogs and work alongside Palestinian-Arab,
Bedouin and Jewish Israelis who are striving for a just and lasting
Gain hands-on experience in ecological design, green
building and sustainable agriculture and put permaculture into
action in a Bedouin village;
Earn 16 transferable credits through the University of
Massachusetts - Amherst.

Living Routes, a nonprofit
educational organization, partners with UMass-Amherst to offer
programs based in ecovillages, sustainable communities and Fair Trade
cooperatives around the world. Every year, Living Routes
( ) offers accredited study programs
(January, Summer, Semester and Year Abroad) with integrated Service
Learning in India, Peru, Scotland, Israel, Senegal, Brazil, Mexico,
the U.S., and now Israel.

Living Routes is a Carbon
Neutral organization and one of the leading advocates for
sustainability in academic study abroad. The ecovillages we partner
with are unique communities where the theory and practical
applications of ecological sustainability and social justice meet:
They are restoring ecosystems and habitat, developing democratic
models of governance, growing healthful organic food, building
"green" homes, working for peace, justice and social change,
empowering girls, women, and youth at risk, and utilizing renewable
resources such as wind and solar energy. These communities provide
ideal "campuses" for students to immerse themselves in
academic,experiential and service learning, and prepare for lives and
careers that make a difference.

Please help us spread the word
out by passing this information on to listservs, organizations,
faculty, parents, and students you think might be interested in
learning more about Living Routes programs. Contact me with any
questions you may have, or to set up a presentation ( or

We believe this semester in
Israel offers students an opportunity to become leaders for the
future. Thank you for your interest and help in getting the word out.
We are proud to offer this profound and transformational

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