Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lecture on early Chinese manuscripts


Lecture--FLUIDITY And FIXITY: Observations on the Materiality of Excavated Manuscripts in Early China, a talk by Lai Guolong of U. Florida 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM 4130 Posvar Hall
Audience: All are welcome to attend
Cost: Free
Sponsored by: Asian Studies Center, China Council, Department of History, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, Department of Classics

Utilizing recently excavated bamboo and silk manuscripts, Professor Lai will explore the sociology of early Chinese texts by investigating such issues as the material form of early Chinese manuscripts, the relationship between literary and non-literary texts, and the impact of form on circulation and reading habits. The fluidity of early China texts was the consequence of the material media and the ways of transmission (i.e. both oral and copying) in early China. Methodologically, this lecture will draw on concepts and methods developed in the fields of "sociology of texts" and biblical studies. This talk is sponsored by the China Council, the Departments of History, History of Art and Architecture, and Classics, and the Asian Studies Center of the University Center for International Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.
For more information, contact Katherine Carlitz - 412-648-7371

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