Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Graduation Deadlines and Religious Studies 1903 reminder

Deadlines to apply to graduate:

The deadline to apply for August 2007 graduation at Thackeray Hall without a late fee was March 30. You can still apply but they will charge a late fee. You may be able to throw yourself on their mercy if you get the forms in asap and ask them to waive the fee. The date was published on the official A&S calendar at the top of the term, linked from the A&S undergraduate website, however, so they may hold you to it.)

The deadline to apply for December 2008 graduation is July 6. [This is tentative until the official A&S summer term calendar comes out in a few weeks so check back then.]

The deadline to apply for April 2008 graduation will be mid-November.

Keep in mind that you do not automatically graduate when you reach 120 credits. You must submit an application in Thackeray.

Religious Studies 1903:

Majors: if you are graduating in December 2007, April 2008 or August 2008 and have not taken Religious Studies 1903--the major capstone course--you should register for this course for the FALL TERM 2007 [=2071=the term coming up in a few months].

Despite my discussion of this with anyone who has come in for advising, it occurs to me that some people may still not have gotten the message (especially people who did not come in for pre-registration advising appointments). Please feel free to come in and discuss this with me further in office hours.

If you have not yet registered for the fall, remember that if I do not register you, you will need a permission slip for Relgst 1903 and you need to remind your other advisor or the registrar's office or your genie in a bottle with access to Peoplesoft that you need to take Relgst 1903 for 3 credits (not 1 which is the default for this course).

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