Thursday, April 19, 2007

End of term reminders

1) When you come to the Religious Studies department to turn in papers, make sure you place your paper in the correct mailbox. Faculty and teaching assistants are not responsible for tracking down your paper if it is placed in the wrong place. Sliding papers under locked doors is a terrible idea, yet in the panic of the end of the semester some students forget this.

2) Make plans to pick up your papers and exams at the beginning of the fall term (if you are going away for the summer) or over the summer. It constantly amazes me how few students pick up graded papers and exams. When it comes time for you to ask Dr. X to write you a letter of recommendation, one of the first requests Dr. X is likely to make is that you bring her copies of the work you did for Dr. X's class.

3) For those of you new to the department, be aware that we offer very little advising over the summer term. The DUS in this department is on a two-term appointment which means that his summer is meant to be devoted to research and writing. If you have not registered for fall classes, you should meet with me and do this before the end of the term. E-mail for an appointment.

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