Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who was Joan of Arc? Lecture at CMU January 26

LARISSA TAYLOR (Colby College), "Who Was Joan of Arc?" Friday, January 26 at 4:00 pm in the Erwin Steinberg Auditorium (Baker Hall A53) on the Carnegie Mellon campus

"Who Was Joan of Arc?"
Despite an almost unparalleled wealth of original sources from the early fifteenth century, Joan of Arc as a historical figure has been lost to myth and politics. Based on work for her forthcoming biography, The Maid of Lorraine: A Life of Joan of Arc (London: Yale University Press, exp. publication early 2007), Professor Taylor will provide new insights on Joan based upon her life, rather than her astonishing afterlife in the imaginations of tens of thousands of writers, artists, and screenwriters.

Larissa Taylor is currently a Professor of History and Religious Studies at Colby College. Specializing in medieval and early modern religious history, she has written extensively on French preaching during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the practice of pilgrimage, sainthood and popular devotion, and most recently, Joan of Arc. Her books include Soldiers of Christ: Preaching In Late Medieval and Reformation France (1992), Heresy and Orthodoxy in Sixteenth-Century Paris: Francois Le Picart and The Beginning of the Catholic Reformation (1999), Preaching and People in the Reformation and Early Modern Europe (2001), and the forthcoming The Maid of Lorraine: A Life of Joan of Arc, scheduled to appear in early 2007.

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