Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who to register with?

This is a reminder from the Advising Center:

1) Students who declare their major by the published deadline each term must register for the next term with the departmental advisor.

2) Students who miss the deadline must register with their Advising Center advisor. These students may seek advice from departmental advisors before the registration period, and Advising Center advisors will follow recommendations of departmental advisors if the courses are available. For clarity and to avoid error, it is strongly suggested that the departmental advisors put their list of recommendations for specific courses in writing, sign the list, and attach any permission slips that may be required.

In February, I will announce pre-registration adivising appointments that will be available for
a) "primary" majors--those who register through Religious Studies and have declared by the deadline this term
b) "secondary" majors--those who register through other departments
c) "prospective" majors--those who may declare RS in the future or who have declared RS as their major but missed the deadline and will still register through the Advising Center.

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