Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Darfur events this week

You may already know about these events since I have received e-mails from multiple lists, but in case you don't know about this letter-writing campaign, I'm passing it along here:

Your words could save lives!
This week, Jan. 22-25 @ Towers Lobby and William Pitt Union
More than 400,000 people have been systematically murdered in the Darfur province of Sudan. The Sudanese government has launched a comprehensive attack against its own citizens. Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND) is hosting events to discuss how students can make a difference and work together toward stopping this genocide.

Join STAND this week each day (January 22-25), from 11am to 2pm in Towers Lobby and the William Pitt Union to write letters to your representatives asking them to increase US involvement in Sudan. Thanks to local donors, there will be raffles and free food, so come early!

To conclude the letter-writing campaign, on Thursday, Jan. 25, U.S. Representative Mike Doyle, Dr. Michael Goodhart, and Dr. Marcina Lelei will discuss the current situation in Darfur, the theory behind involvement and constituent action, and the political aspect of the conflict. Rep. Doyle will receive the letters written by you and fellow students and take them to Washington.

What: Darfur - Mobilizing Against Genocide
Where: William Pitt Union Ballroom
When: Thursday, January 25, 6pm
Why: You can make a difference; it only takes a letter!

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