Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Undergraduate Conference on Religion and Science Call for Papers

The Fourth Annual Austin College

Undergraduate Conference:

Religion and Science

Today, scholars and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines are engaging in exciting new work exploring the interface of religion and science. Far from the widely-publicized polemical debates (such as evolution versus creation or intelligent design), substantial new work is being done on all fronts. Medical institutions are studying the effects of traditional religious practices as these contribute to health and healing (meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and prayer). Psychologists are studying the results – harmful and healthful – of various religious beliefs and practices. Neuro-psychologists are exploring the physical causes and effects of religious experiences. Experts from the natural and social sciences consider the role of religion in the ecological crises. Scientists and theologians both ponder the nature of “Ultimate Reality” in the light of quantum mechanics. Accelerating advances in genetics and technology present ethical issues that stretch the resources of scientific and religious communities and the society in which they dwell. There are also works like Richard Dawkins’ article, Snake Oil and Holy Water, that provide alternative methodological perspectives on such an interaction. Historical studies mine forgotten resources and call to mind dangerous paths to avoid.

This conference provides a forum to explore the interface of religion and science historically and in the present. It is open to all dimensions of the interaction of religion and science, especially encouraging students to follow their passions in new directions, not becoming entangled in unfruitful controversies of the past. We welcome inquiries from all disciplines including (but not limited to): Religious Studies, Literature, Classics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Art, (Interdisciplinary) Area Studies, Education, Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and Medicine.

Austin College
Sherman, Texas

April 20-21, 2007

Abstract Limit:
250 words

Deadline for Abstracts:
February 4th, 2007

Submit abstracts via email to:

Janice Dean, Chair
Humanities Conference
Student Committee

Open Topics

God, Time and

and the Power
of Prayer


Ecology and
Conservation Movements

For information, please contact conference organizers:
Julie Hempel (jhempel@austincollege.edu), 903-813-2495,
Ivette Vargas (ivargas@austincollege.edu), 903-813-2479,
and Janice Dean (jdean@austincollege.edu).

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