Friday, October 05, 2007

Registration Reminders

Registration for seniors begins Thursday October 25. Registration for all other students begins Monday October 29. Sign-up sheets for pre-registration advising appointments and for registration scheduling appointments are now up. They are next to my office door at 2603 CL.

Course descriptions for the spring semester are now available at and the official Peoplesoft schedule is now available through your Pitt portal,

The A&S Course description page is the easiest way to browse for courses by department and by requirement fulfilled. However, you should make sure to check here to see whether a recitation or lab is required. If so, you will have to go to Peoplesoft (at to check recitation or lab times. You should also double-check everything in Peoplesoft as that is the official course schedule for the university. [And when searching Course Descriptions and Peoplesoft, do make sure you are searching for the spring 2008--2084--semester.]

Remember always to copy down the 5 digit course number (aka "CRN") which is what you will need to register for the course (and the separate CRN for any recitations or other related components). This is not the 4 digit number associated with the department name (e.g. Religious Studies 1220). The 5 digit number is unique to a particular section of a course offered in a particular semester.

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