Monday, October 22, 2007

Registration Advising Reminders

To those of you coming to see me this week about registration:

Please make sure to do two things before you come:

1) check your own degree progress report at to check whether you have outstanding general education requirements

2) check course descriptions at both for general education requirements and Religious Studies courses that you might be interested in. Remember that you can search this by requirement or by department.

When searching course descriptions, WRITE DOWN THE FIVE DIGIT COURSE NUMBER!
And you should also check for recitations. If there is a recitation, check in Peoplesoft: you will need another five digit course number to register for the recitation (or lab).

The more research you do before our meeting, the better. And please remember that I am your advisor and not your secretary--look up and record information about the courses you wish to take before you meet with me.

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