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Anthropological Research in the Himalayas

Himalayan Health Exchange
Himalayan Anthropology Field Expedition
Summer 2008
Himalayan Health Exchange (HHE) is organizing an anthropological field expedition to India in the summer of 2008. Through an independent study/fieldwork in a remote Himalayan Tibetan Borderland, HHE will offer students a practical approach to the study of India and the Himalayan culture in a socio-cultural, medical and religious context. During their journey, team members will have the opportunity to investigate local history, religious beliefs and practices, modern human adaptations, regional effects of globalization, monastic life and local healthcare. In addition, through trekking and camping in remote areas, they will participate in the interconnectedness of the magnificent natural environment with a daily local existence. This first-hand experience will be accompanied by daily academic lectures and research assistance.
Lecture topics will include: Cultural, Medical, Economic, Biological and Visual Anthropology, Religion & Philosophy, Cross-cultural healing, Ayurveda, Public Health, Buddhism, Hinduism, Indian and Tibetan history, High Altitude Adaptation, Psychology, Art/Fine Arts, Geography, Social Work, Sociology, Yoga and Meditation
This is a high-altitude expedition in rugged Trans Himalayan regions.
Field camp elevations range between 8,000-15,000 feet, with higher pass crossings. As a participant, you must be in excellent physical shape and health and be willing to work in improvised field sites.

1) Himachal Pradesh: Spiti Valley: June 10- June 30, 2008 Once a part of the Guge Empire of Tibet, Spiti lies in the Indian Himalayan region at the edge of Western Tibetan Plateau. This anthropology expedition will take us on a fascinating journey through this beautiful and ancient Buddhist land, where travel was restricted until 1992, and where only a few adventurers have set foot. In addition to remote village exploration, the field trip will include, among many other destinations, a visit to Kibber, the highest permanent human settlement in the world; Tabo an ancient 10th century monastery, Dharamsala, home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Tibetans in Exile, and the Taj Mahal.

Expedition fee: Each all-inclusive trip is US $2,740 plus international airfare Application deadline: February 1, 2008: **Please be advised that space is limited

Program Coordinators:
Professor Paul Donnelly, Ph.D in Buddhist Studies & Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Northern Arizona University Professor Denise Cucurny, M.A.s. in Anthropology and Legal Studies.
Senior Full-time lecturer in Cultural, Biological & Medical Anthropology at California State University Long Beach and Laguna College of Art & Design.
Karlie Knudtsen, Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher, Heart Shrine meditation instructor, Founder/Director Sadhana Yoga, Flagstaff, AZ Ravi Singh, Founder of Himalayan Health Exchange

For details, please contact: Himalayan Health Exchange:, 404-929-9399.

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