Sunday, September 24, 2006

Office Moves

Professor Penkower is now in Room 2609 CL.
(That's the first door when you enter the hall with the mailboxes.)

Early this week, I will move to Room 2603 (Professor Penkower's former office).

Also this week: Professor Chilson is slated to move to 2610 (my soon-to-be former office); Professor Denova will move to 2612; and the TA office will move to 2616 (Professor Clothey's former office that Professor Chilson is currently in.)

So pretty soon, the line-up will be:

2603 Shear
2609 Penkower
2610 Chilson
2612 Denova
2616 Teaching Assistants

(Professors Edwards, Gross, Kane, and Orbach will remain in the same offices.)

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