Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Registration for Summer and Fall

Registration for summer term is now open. To register: e-mail me for an appointment or come to my office hours or wait for your advising/registration appointment for the fall term.

Registration for next fall: Registration for seniors begins Thursday March 19 (if you will have 84 or more credits by the end of this term you are eligible) and for everyone else on Monday March 23.

Look for sign-up sheets for appointment times outside my office door (2603 CL) later this week.

You can sign up for an advising time before registration begins and/or for an appointment time during registration period. If you want to register at the first possible moment, schedule a meeting before registration and we will fill out a registration form together that you can take to the Registrar.

BEFORE you come to any meeting:
--Look over the major requirements and checklist on-line.
--Think about what major requirements and gen-ed requirements you have left.
--Look at courses for the fall on Peoplesoft AND on Course Descriptions.
--Take note of the 5 digit course numbers for all courses and associated recitations, labs.
--For cross-listed courses, take note of the 5 digit numbers for all sections of the course.
--If a course needs departmental permission--from Honors College or from another department, you must secure that permission before you see me for registration or before you take the form to the Registrar. (Remember that some RELGST courses are Honors College courses; even though you are a RELGST major you still need the UHC permission to take these courses.)
--If you have another major and you want to register with me, you should see your other advisor before your meeting with me.

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