Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Career Shadow Program

Get a Competitive Edge to Prepare for Your Job of the Future
Learn about a field and gain contacts too.
An Invitation to participate in Job Shadowing with a Pitt Alum
Student Application Procedure and Timeline

Job shadowing is a one day observation experience where you go to the workplace of an alum and follow them through their day at an agreed upon date during spring break. The application process will be electronic through the Career Development web site, www.careers.pitt.edu. You will review the alumni by fields and select up to 3 in rank order that match your interest.

You should submit a resume and a (cover letter) stating the numbers of the placements
for which you would like to be considered (up to 3 in rank order) and a statement of why you are interested to the email link on the site. Transportation to the shadow site is the responsibility of the student.

The procedure will follow the timeline below. In order to participate, you will be required to attend a preparation session. When selected you will be notified by email. Alumni are asked to email you if you have been selected for the experience to arrange details. If you do not hear from an alum, contact the Career Development Office at imentor@pitt.edu.

The alumni will then telephone you to discuss what you hope to learn and to finalize the details. Give this some thought because they will be seeking your guidance on what you want to learn.
When the program is over we will ask you to complete an evaluation of the program, and of course, ask you to send a thank you note to the alum sponsor along with a copy to Career Development either by email imentor@pitt.edu or to Career Development, University of Pittsburgh, 224 WPU, Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

February 6 – Opportunities are posted on the Career Development web site for students to review.
February 20 – Application submission deadline for students
February 27 - Deadline for matching (You will be notified if matched or not.)
February 27, or March 2 12:00 pm Attend one Mandatory Preparation session
March 5 – Deadline for alumni to contact students to arrange the dates of the experience. (We are recommending spring break week, March 9 – 13 if convenient for each of you.


1. Visit the Career Development website at www.careers.pitt.edu and click on “Panthers Shadow for students” between February 6 and February 20.
2. Click “List of opportunities”
3. Review the list of opportunities and then prepare to submit your application.
4. Click the email address link and type your 2 to 3 paragraph statement of interest in the email or attach one that you have done on MSWord. Indicate the specific number of the placement(s) [up to 3] Attach your resume to your email and submit the application to the link on the site.
5. Once the applications have been reviewed you will be notified if you were matched and with whom.

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