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New Pitt Study Abroad Program for Spring 2010

Pitt MAP
A New Study Abroad Initiative

Contact: Vanessa Sterling, PittMAP Coordinator, (412) 624-2033

What is Pitt MAP?

Pitt MAP, or Multi-region Academic Program, will be a semester-long globally comparative and academically rigorous study abroad experience. Three Pitt faculty and thirty students will travel together to three sites, each on a different continent, taking courses designed to address one of the six Global Studies concentration themes. Each trip will vary in terms of theme and sites. The first trip will be in spring term 2010 (2104).

Where is Pitt MAP going?
For the Spring 2010 term, the sites are:
• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Cape Town, South Africa
• Beijing, China
The program will spend four weeks in each site at partnering universities for each location.

What is the theme?
Following the Changing Identities in a Global World concentration, the theme for Spring 2010 is State Memory/Private Lives. The curriculum will address the ways memory systems are constructed and sustained across three very different cultures. This focus could be pursued in coursework and site investigations examining the tension between state structures of cohesion—city museums, war memorials, national sites of commemoration—and private practices of self and family, such as holiday ritual, marketplace routine, and civic activism.

Who can participate?
• Since the coursework will be rigorous and advanced, most students will be juniors or seniors, but students with 24 completed credits on Pitt’s campus may study abroad.
• Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
• Seniors in their last semester may study abroad with permission.

Who are the faculty?
• Dr. Nancy Condee (Slavic) is Academic Director in Spring 2010.
• Two other senior members of the Arts and Sciences faculty.

Do I need to study another language?
No- courses will be offered in English. However, speaking one or more of the three site languages would be quite helpful.

How much will it cost?
$19,500 is the current projected price per student. This includes tuition, airfare, rooms, some meals and insurance for the term. This is an estimated cost that is subject to change.

What about financial aid?
• Federal, state, and campus-based financial aid, with the exception of Federal Work-Study, will apply to study abroad. Those who fill out a Cost of Increase for Study Abroad form may receive more financial assistance.
• The Study Abroad Office offers scholarships every term. In addition, many program providers and even departments offer their own internal awards. See our website for more options.
• Please speak with a Study Abroad Advisor if your parents are UPMC or Pitt employees to see if you qualify for tuition benefits.

What are the other future Pitt MAP themes?

• Global Health
• Conflict and Conflict Resolution
• Sustainable Development
• Globalized Economy and Global Governance
• Communication, Technology, and Society

What should I do if I want to go?

Contact the Pitt MAP Coordinator
Call or email Vanessa Sterling, (412-624-2033) or to schedule an appointment. She can discuss how the time frame and coursework will affect progress towards your degree.

Attend a Study Abroad Essentials meeting
Learn about study abroad resources, advising, and financial aid by attending an Essentials meeting at the Study Abroad Office. Sign up at

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