Monday, October 20, 2008

Lecture Oct 21: The Muslim Community and the European State

Lecture--Creating a Bridge Between the Muslim Community and the European State: The Importance of Muslim Interest Groups
8:00 p.m., Tuesday Oct 21.
Sutherland Hall

Melissa Parker, PhD Candidate in Political Science.
Since the terror incidents in the United States (2001), Spain (2004) and Britain (2007), the Muslim community living in Europe has come under extreme scrutiny by their governments. In addition, increased Islamophobia in Europe, manifesting itself as blatant discrimination in employment and housing, and even the burning of mosques and Islamic centers, has both the Muslim community and the state wondering what to do. Increasingly, Muslim interest groups have stepped in to mediate the conflict between the state and the Muslim community that they represent. This talk will focus on how Muslim interest groups are working with the European state to find solutions to the current crisis in relations between their constituents and the government and whether they have been successful or not.
Audience: Pitt Students
Cost: Free
For more information, contact Veronica Dristas - 412-624-2918
Sponsored by: European Studies Center, Global Studies Program, International Studies Living Learning Community

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