Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 24: Lecture: "Differences Among Dalit Women"

Women’s Studies Program

Brown Bag Lecture Series

“Differences among Dalit Women: Intersections of Gender with Ethnicity, Occupation, and Community."

Sambriddhi Kharel

Doctoral candidate, Sociology, and recipient of Women’s Studies Research fund

The research examines the differences in women's status and meanings of gender across occupational and ethnic communities among Dalits in Nepal. Where ownership and occupation are male-dominated, women are more dependent and enjoy less autonomy and suffer more inequality. The impact of religious casteism also determines the autonomy and inequality experienced by women, with some ethnic groups having more rigid systems of religious adherence. Finally, some anecdotal references will be made to how individual female Dalit leaders, who move beyond the everyday worlds of the majority of respondents, are forced to negotiate multiple and sometimes conflicting levels of identity.

Monday, March 24
2201 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
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