Sunday, December 09, 2007

DUS Office Hours during exam week and other end-of-term reminders

Office hours this week are by appointment only. Please e-mail if you would like an appointment. I may not be on campus every day, so don't assume you can e-mail me in the morning for an appointment later in the day.

A reminder about department office hours--- 8-12 and 1-4 generally. The hallway with the mailboxes is usually open during the lunch hour, but the main office will often be closed. For students turning in papers to mailboxes in the Religious Studies department, remember that our department administrator leaves for the day at 4 pm. If a faculty member or graduate student is still in the office, the door to the hallway with the mailboxes will be open after 4, but don't count on this. Unless your instructor has specifically told you that he or she plans to be there after 4 to receive papers, GET UP TO THE 26th FLOOR BY 3:45 to be on the safe side. And do not slip papers under locked doors. This is a really bad idea. E-mail your instructor from the computer lab in the basement and make a plan to get the paper to him or her some other way.

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