Thursday, November 08, 2007

Graduation Application for Spring

If you are graduating in April 2008, get your graduation application in now.

The deadline is still November 16, but the Student Records Office in Thackeray Hall (A&S Undergraduate Dean's office) encourages you to get them in before then.

This is from Susan Crain, Director of Student Records, to advisors:
"FYI. We did not change the November 16, 2007 deadline to apply for April 2008 graduation. We are informing students when they pick up the application to return as soon as possible. If they picked them up last week, we asked students to return by today. The Deadline did not change. It is to their benefit to apply before the November 16 deadline. If the student has a graduation problem, they will find out sooner. Normally, we have 800 students applying on the last two days. We are trying to avoid that chaos."

You do not need to inform me or get me to sign the graduation application--as part of the process, I will be contacted later by the Dean's office to certify your major or clarify issues with your minor.

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