Friday, September 28, 2007

Book Donations to Indonesia

If you are interested in donating books to a group of Religion students in Indonesia, read on:

An e-mail I received today:
"We'd like to introduce ourself to you. We are students of a small private university in Sumedang, INDONESIA. Sumedang regency is a remote place in Java Island. Our University are Sebelas April University. We have a study group that concerns with intellectual discourses, especially in Theology and Religious Studies. As students from remote place we have little access for our education. But in our shortages, we try to intensify our studies by holding a group discussion. We have a group discussion, that is Sumedang Student Association for the Study of Theology and Religious Studies. After discussing with our members, we have to try an initiative for getting a help for books' donation from abroad, because we know that it is very difficult to get books donation in Indonesia, especially in english books version. If you have some extra books or journals, We are very grateful and glad if you could donate them for our studies. And we are trying now for building up a small library for our study group. We are interested in the themes of Introduction to Theology, Biblical Studies, History of Religions, Jewish Studies, Mysticism, Eastern Religions, Western Religions, philosophy of religion and other related religious studies' books and journals We are sure that your donations will be very important and useful for helping us in getting knowledge better.

Please send the books to our secretariat address.
Here is our complete mailing address:
Sumedang Student Association for the Study of Theology and Religious Studies
PMII Kampung Warung Kalde Rt.03/02 Kecamatan Jatinangor Kab. SUMEDANG 45363 INDONESIA "

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