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The Minor in Religious Studies

Requirements for the minor have changed and are effective for all students with the following exceptions.

Students applying for graduation in August or December of 2007 may elect to continue under the old requirements for the minor or may fulfill the new distribution requirements.

Students who have completely fulfilled the old requirements for the minor prior to academic year 2007-2008 but who will graduate in April 2008 or later may graduate with a minor in Religious Studies by petitioning the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Religious Studies and the A&S Undergraduate Dean’s Office.

The minor in Religious Studies requires 5 courses (15 credits).

Important: The same course may not fulfill more than one distribution requirement.

Introductory Courses: 2 courses (6 credits)

Students select two courses from the following list of introductory courses:

0025 Major Biblical Themes
0090 Myth in the Ancient Near East
0105 Religions of the West
0115 Bible as Literature
0305 Classics of Christian Thought
0405 Religion in Early
0415 Religion in Modern
0455 Introduction to Islamic Civilization
0505 Religion in
0525 Religion & Culture in
East Asia
0715 Philosophy of Religion
0735 Wisdom

Religion in the East: 1 course (3 credits)

Students select one course from the following list of 1000-level courses:

1500 Religion in India 1
Temple, Icon & Deity in India
1520 Buddhist Civilization
1530 Topics in Buddhist Civilization
1540 Saints East & West
1545 Mysticism East & East
1550 East Asian Buddhism
1552 Chan/Zen Buddhism
1554 Death & Beyond in Buddhist Cultures
1560 Chinese Religious Traditions
1562 Confucianism: Basic Texts
1570 Japanese Religious Traditions
1572 Popular Religion in a Changing

Religion in the West: 1 course (3 credits)

Students select one course from the following list of 1000-level courses:

1100 Israel in the Biblical Age
1110 Special Topics—Ancient
1120 Origins of Christianity
1130 Varieties of Early Christianity
1132 Paul
1135 Orthodox Christianity
1140 Dualism in the Ancient World
1142 Construction of Evil
1145 Greco-Roman Religions
1150 Body & Society in Late Antiquity
1210 Classical Judaism
1220 Medieval Jewish Civilization
1222 Jewish Mysticism
1225 Jewish Culture in Medieval
1250 Modern Jewry
1372 Catholicism in the
New World
1400 Religion & Culture in
1410 Religion in American Thought
1412 Ethnicity in American Religion
1425 Popular Religion in
1540 Saints East & West
1545 Mysticism East & East
1640 Jews in the Islamic World
1642 Christian-Muslim Relations
1644 Jewish-Christian Relations
1760 Religion & Rationality

Elective: 1 course (3 credits)

Students select one additional religious studies course at the 1000 level. With permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, this course may include RELGST 1903: Directed Research Seminar—Capstone (W).

Important Regulations for Minors

All courses counted toward the minor must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a C or above.

At least 3 courses must be completed on the Oakland campus. Students transferring from other colleges or universities need to consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies about transferring courses and credits to be applied to the minor.

All A&S students must complete a related area requirement. Completing a minor in religious studies satisfies the related area requirement.


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