Monday, October 18, 2010

2114 Registration Memo

Good Morning:

Registration for spring term 2114 (January 2011) will commence on November 1, 2010. By this time, all students should have received from the Registrar's office the official day and time when they can access the registration screens and commence self-service registration. However, all students are obligated to meet with advisors prior to registration in order to lift the advising hold placed on their registration screen. For most of you, I am that person as I am filling in for Professor Clark Chilson in the Dept. of Religious Studies this fall.
Before I can lift your hold, I need to meet with you in order to review your proposed schedule of classes for spring. I need to be assured that you are aware of both remaining requirements for the major as well as for general education requirements and that you will be addressing those in the coming term. I have posted twenty-minute individual sessions starting this Thursday, October 21, on the wall next to my office (2606 CL) and I ask you to come by and claim a spot. I will be in the office from 1:00 --7:30 PM this Thursday for those ready to go this week. I (and not Ms. Walker the Departmental administrator) will lift the advising hold after our get together. To expedite our meeting, I ask you to come prepared to answer my questions posed above, that is, which of your courses addresses the sets of requirements that have to be filled prior to graduation.
I look forward to personalizing this relationship.

Alexander Orbach

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