Monday, March 01, 2010

For Those Interested in Studying Global Health

Information Session--Pitt MAP 2011 Information Session
5:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.
802 William Pitt Union

Are you interested in studying global health from a variety of
perspectives in three cultures? If so, consider Pitt MAP. Pitt MAP is an
interdisciplinary, thematically driven study abroad program in which
30 students and 3 Pitt faculty travel and learn together for a term.
Spring 2011's theme is Global Health. The cohort will spend spring
semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cape Town, South Africa and Beijing,
China. Coursework and site visits will consider the theory and practice of
medicine and health care through several lenses- clinical, political,
economic, rhetorical and socio-cultural. You do not need to be a
pre-health student to apply, but it would be a wonderful introduction
to the theory and practice of trans-national health care for those who are
interested in international development or who want to pursue post-college
careers in the health sciences.

Students on Pitt MAP earn 12 to 15 credits that can be used for a variety
of majors and certificates. Students can use their Pitt financial aid
towards the program cost and additional study abroad scholarships are
available as well. Want to learn more about Pitt MAP? Attend the upcoming
information session: For more information, contact Vanessa Sterling -

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