Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 16: Grad Expo

Come hear your teaching assitants give lectures:

GradExpo: March 16th, William Pitt Union

At the 9:30AM Sessions:
Session 1b (in Ballroom B): Peter de Vries. "The Apocalyptic Genre
Considered by the Light of Ricoeur's Hermeneutics"

Session 1d (In Dining Room A): Alexandra Seitz. "Arriving at the Proper
Moral Choice: Pittsburgh Catholics for Obama and the Question of Abortion"

Session 1f (In the Lower Lounge): Andrew Cole. " Baklava, Books, and
Boundaries: Religious Identity and Education for Eastern Orthodox Children
in America"

At the 11:15AM Sessions:
Session 2d (In Dining Room A): Emily Bailey. "Shoshin-Beginner's Mind: My
Month in an American Zen Monastery"

The schedule for the whole day's events is posted on the Grad Student
Organization website at:

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