Sunday, December 07, 2008

End-of-semester reminders

Best wishes to everyone for a successful exam week and a good conclusion to the semester.

Some reminders:

1. The Department may be closed any day after 4 pm, especially during exam week. If you are coming to turn in a paper, make sure to arrive before 4 pm or verify arrangements with your instructor.

2. Save a copy of your papers, take-home finals, etc. on an easily accessible USB drive or the hard drive of a computer that you will have access to after you leave town. In case of a snafu, you will want to be able to easily re-send or re-print your paper.

3. Papers and exams will be available to pick up in the Department office after the beginning of the semester in January. Some of your instructors may have the exams/papers ready for pick-up at the beginning of the week of the 15th.
Please come by the office at some point in the next semester to pick up your work. Papers not picked up will be discarded after two semesters.

4. I recommend saving your graded papers until after you have graduated and been admitted to graduate/professional school. When you ask faculty for letters of recommendation for graduate school or for other applications (study abroad programs, internships, scholarships, etc.) many will ask you to send them a resume, a statement of purpose and copies of the work you did for them. If you have their graded, marked-up copies of your papers, you will make the process easier for all.

Good luck with writing and exam-taking. I wish everyone a good winter break and a happy new year. And if you celebrate a religious or cultural festival at this time of year, the very best of wishes for that holiday as well.

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