Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jacob Javits Fellowship for Upcoming and Current Graduate Students

The information for the Jacob Javits program has been announced. This program provides fellowships to students of superior academic ability—selected on the basis of demonstrated achievement, financial need, and exceptional promise—to undertake study at the doctoral and Master of Fine Arts level in selected fields of arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is for undergraduate students about to enter graduate school and for graduate students who have not completed their first year of study. Awards are made across all divisions and students must be US citizens or nationals, permanent residents, or citizens of any one of the Freely Associated States. Here is the link for the eligibility requirements:

Based on the financial need of the awardees – Javits fellows receive a stipend of $30,000 for up to the lesser of 48 months or the completion of their degree. Students also receive a partial tuition amount that is quoted at $12,891. As in the past, if Pitt has a student in Arts & Sciences that receives a Javits fellowship, the Dean’s office will pay the difference in tuition for the fellowship recipient. The deadline for the transmittal of applications is October 3, 2008. To apply, visit:

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